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August 2020

I meant to call or text you Scott a few weeks ago but I have a few jobs under my belt now and outside of my barge needing some minor adjustments your hammer is awesome. Thank you again. It has cut my labor cost in half with a better outcome in the end. I can’t see my business doing anything but growing really. Awesome product!

Garner Stephens

Owner - Level Headed Carpentry
June 2020

As a Marina Manager and Marine Contractor in Naples, Florida since the 1980’s I’ve seen a lot of equipment come and go.

I’ve used various types of drop hammers including pneumatic, mechanical, and oil-driven (diesel). I have to say that the Mantis Hammer is the most user-friendly unit on the market today. As well, production due to the speed and efficiency of the strokes per minute makes it more effective and productive than other much heavier and more expensive units.

I would recommend this equipment to anyone in the marine construction industry who wants to increase their productivity, decrease their down-time, and take the guess work out of pile-driving. As a last remark the staff is extremely knowledgeable and customer oriented, and they maintain a well-stocked inventory of spare parts.

Capt. Jim Kalvin

President - Kalvin & Calvin Marine Constructional, Inc.
June 2020

We own two Mantis Hammers and are extremely happy. We could not operate without them. We’re expanding this year and will be ordering our third!

Ameridocks Marine Construction

Scott Bright

Owner - Ameridocks Marine Construction
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